You can Customize, Design & Order your own Long, Fun or Short board with us.

What surf board suits you?

There are … . 

Don’t make the mistake and rush out and buy an advanced performance board until you’re ready, if you are just learning, make sure you learn properly on a beginner surfboard.


This is where you options of surfboards increases but can be daunting. If you are an intermediate surfer, you definitely want something smaller than a beginner board with more performance but still has plenty of volume helping with your paddling & balance.


Once you reach a more advanced level of surfing, the sky’s the limit to which surfboard you can ride, this is a very exciting level to be at where you can discover many different types of surf boards available.


Second Hand Surf Boards For Sale

The Ripple team are a group of community minded friends who are passionate about everything ocean.

As surfers we are inevitably in search of new surfboards, accessories & clothing which inspired us to create our own surf shop where we bring our years of experience & knowledge of ocean sports to help others find exactly what they looking for to help make their experience fun, enjoyable & safe.

We endeavour to source & sell quality products that support other independent suppliers as well as be environmentally friendly.

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